Henderson Hall History | Indian Mounds

Henderson Hall is the home of three Indian mounds. These mounds were built by the Adena Indians about 2000 years ago.

Mounds are common all along the Ohio Valley. Marietta, OH has several. The Grave Creek Burial Mound in Moundsville, WV is considered the largest prehistoric Indian mound of its kind. It was originally owned by the Tomlinson family in the mid 1700's. Moundsville was originally named Elizabethville after Elizabeth Hartness Tomlinson, wife of Joseph Tomlinson II and grandmother of Elizabeth Ann Tomlinson Henderson.

These Indians were also called mound builders. The mounds contain skeletal remains and other artifacts such as utensils and spearheads. Little is known of these Native Americans except for what has been found in the mounds. The mounds at Henderson Hall have never been dug and will continue to hold the mystery of a civilization that once inhabited the area surrounding Henderson Hall.


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